Step 1: Identify the issue

Step 2: Try and replicate the issue in another browser

  • The issue might be browser-specific so it's always a good idea to try replicate the issue in another browser (e.g. if you’re using Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Step 3: Try and replicate the issue using another computer or device

  • The issue might be hardware or software-specific so it's a good idea to try replicate the issue on another computer or a different device (e.g. a table, cellphone, laptop).

If you're still having trouble and the bug persists...

Step 4: Screen capture or record the issue if possible.

  • You can use free screen recording software such as Loom (see the process for using Loom here).  Note: If you can't screen capture/video you will need to explain the error in detail.

Step 5: Provide the URL of the page you're getting the error

  • This will help the systemHUB team member to check the page itself for any errors or issues.

Step 5: Send us a support ticket

  • Send a bug report via email ([email protected]) or through our chat widget on the website.
  • Please use the email template below and be specific with details of the issue for the systemHUB team to better identify solutions and fixes.

Email Template

Hi there,

I have just encountered a bug/problem on systemHUB.

I have tested and recreated the issue on these browsers:
Chrome, Firefox, Safari

I also tried on another device.

The issue appears when I am here:
<<insert URL>>

The issue is as follows:

<<Insert either a video or text description>>

<<If text, please include a screenshot>>

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