Update - June 24, 2021

We just released a small update that fixes a bunch of issues.... and introduces some new neat stuff!

Updated over a week ago

Good news, systemHUB users!

We've just released a couple of new updates for systemHUB this week! We've also fixed a few of the issues that have been bothering some of our users.

Here are the main updates:

1. The PDF manual generation just had a complete overhaul! We wanted to make it simpler and look better. So we're happy to announce that we just launched it.

2. You get to set your own time zone! This is something we should have introduced way back, but we somehow missed it. All the times inside systemHUB defaulted to Australian time, but now you can change this to your own time zone under your company settings. This will apply to all system, policy, and training updates, agreement registers, and PDF manual generation.

3. Did you see the customizable account colours? We might have missed telling you about this, but you can now update the colour of your dashboard to match your company colours. Head over to your company settings area select from colour templates available or mix and match your own.

4. Return of the "breadcrumbs"! After excluding this detail from our design update, we decided to bring it back to help you track down which folder you were currently viewing. It's a small thing that proves really useful.

5. The comments section got an update. Yes, it did. Not only did we fix a few bugs that made it hard to post a simple comment, but we also added a very basic text formatting menu to format your comments.

We're constantly improving systemHUB for you and your team.

Look out for our next development updates and send your feature suggestions to [email protected].

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