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Troubleshooting Technical Issues
Troubleshooting Technical Issues

With clear instructions, the systemHUB team is able to resolve any issues in the quickest possible time - just follow these simple steps.

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Before reporting the issue you've encountered, there are a couple of simple steps we suggest you take that may solve it.

  1. Try refreshing the webpage.

  2. Log out and back in again.

  3. Restart your device.

If any of the above steps don't solve the issue, follow the process below...

Step 1: Try and replicate the issue in another browser

  • The issue might be browser-specific so it's always a good idea to try to replicate the issue in another browser (e.g. if you’re using Google Chrome, try using Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer).

Step 2: Try and replicate the issue using another computer or device

  • The issue might be hardware or software-specific so it's a good idea to try to replicate the issue on another computer or a different device (e.g. a tablet, cellphone, or laptop).

If you're still having trouble and the bug persists...

Step 3: Gather details: Screenshots and videos.

  • You can use free screen recording software such as Loom (see the process for using Loom here).  Note: If you can't screen capture/video you will need to explain the error in detail.

Step 4: Provide the URL of the page you're getting the error

  • This will help the systemHUB team member check the page itself for any errors or issues.

Step 5: Send us a support ticket

  • Send a bug report via email ([email protected]) or through our chat widget on the website.

  • Please use the email template below and be specific with details of the issue for the systemHUB team to better identify solutions and fixes.

Email Template

Hi there,

I have just encountered a bug/problem on systemHUB.

The issue is as follows:

<<Insert either a video or a detailed text description>>

I have tested and recreated the issue on these browsers:
(Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer)

I also tried to see if the issue exists using another device (tablet, mobile phone, desktop, laptop).

The issue appears when I am here:
<<insert URL>>

Here is a screenshot of the issue:

<<If text, please include a screenshot>>

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