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Advanced Features

From updating your subdomain, to deactivating members, to admins logging in as other members.

40 articles
Add systemHUB to your iPhone home screenGoing mobile? Here's a quick tip to save systemHUB to your homescreen.
Converting your trial account into a paid accountReady to unlock the full potential of systemHUB? Converting your trial account into a paid account is a breeze.
Embedding Microsoft OneDrive videos into systemHUBHave videos in Microsoft OneDrive that you need to load into systemHUB? This is the article for you.
Fixing YouTube video playback issuesHaving trouble embedding and playing YouTube videos in your account? Here are a few trouble shooting ideas.
How to update your subdomainMake your account feel more like your account by customising your company's systemHUB subdomain.
Internal and External Links GuideNeed a helpful guide on inserting and using links inside systemHUB? Watch the video guide below for more information about them.
Restricting access with IP whitelistingDo you want to restrict access to systemHUB? Or protect your intellectual property? Watch this quick video.
The My Systems and Assigned Systems SectionsNeed an easy way to know which systems your team members own or are assigned to? Watch the video below.
Troubleshooting Technical IssuesWith clear instructions, the systemHUB team is able to resolve any issues in the quickest possible time - just follow these simple steps.
Updating credit card detailsIf you need to update your old credit card and use a new and updated one to pay for your subscription, watch the video below.
Using the checklist/to-do list featureDo you need a checklist or to-do list for visual purposes inside a system? Watch the tutorial below.
Using the native browser spell checkerDid you know modern browsers using HTML have an inbuilt spell checker? Here's how it works in systemHUB.
Updating your account's timezoneIt's easy to update the timezone your systemHUB account follows - simply follow this tutorial.
Managing the built-in templatessystemHUB comes with helpful built-in system, policy, and training templates. This guide shows you how to hide or show them in your account.
Creating a folder structure to organise your systems, processes, and checklistsThe key to systemisation is simplification, here's how to make your folder structure easy for your team and departments to navigate.
How to identify which systems to create first within your companyFollow this quick tutorial and create an action plan to see which systems to start building within your organisation.
The basic rule of thumb to keep your systems simpleComplexity is the enemy of systems - make sure you follow these basic rules of thumb.
Creating systems, folders, and subfoldersIs it time to put content into your systemHUB account? Start by creating systems, folders, and subfolders.
How to format blocks of textNot sure how to format your text or content in systemHUB? Watch this quick guide to show you the recommended way.
Moving your systems and foldersNeed to move systems and folders around? Watch this video to find out how.
Sample systemHUB workflowThis is a quick video to explain the systemHUB workflow - perfect to share with your team.
Checking notifications in systemHUBKeep on top of changes in systemHUB with the help of notifications. See how it works in the video below.
Text editor shortcuts.Looking to move a little quicker? Try some of these shortcuts supported by systemHUB's text editor.
Expanding/resizing the sidebarIf you think your sidebar is too small, or it's taking up too much space, this is how to quickly expand or resize it.
What formats does the video embed section of a system accept?YouTube, Loom, Wistia, Vimeo, Screencast, Viddler and that's just to name a few.
What file types for documents/audio/images can be previewed?JPG, TXT, Word Documents, Excel Documents, PDFs and that's just to name a few.
What file types can be uploaded to systems/policies/training?MP4, AVI, MP3, JPG, PPT, XLS, DOC and that's just to name a few.
How to import systems from another systemHUB account to yoursIt's easy to move systems and policies from one account to another. Simply follow these steps.
Recovering and updating your passwordHaving trouble logging into your account? Follow these steps to recover and/or update your details.
Managing the order of your systems and folderssystemHUB sorts folders and files alphabetically but here are some tips to further control the order.
Adding images to your SOPsAdding screenshots, workflows, and any other images is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Signing off on systems and policiesDo you need your team members to "sign off" on systems or policies? See how it works and watch this quick video below.
Understanding permission levels and rightsWe have 4 levels of access within systemHUB - here are the rights for each level.
Introduction to systemHUB for your staffNeed to get your team up to speed with systemHUB? Share this quick start video.
The difference between owners, secondary owners, and usersDifferent user types equal different access levels - discover how they all work together.
How to restrict what team members can and can't seeYou can have full control over which systems your team members can and can't view.
How to use comments and leave feedbackOften used for feedback and/or questions, systemHUB comments are easy to use and are at the bottom of all systems, policies and training.
How to log in as another memberAssuming you have account administration rights, use this tip to log into any account as though you were the user themselves.
How to delete/deactivate membersSecure your systems and policies by removing or deactivating systemHUB users - it's easy once you know how!
Understanding permissions, roles & access levelsGain full control over your account - including who can see and who can edit, using our customisation settings.